Monday, July 28, 2014

Fly mask ON!

What a sweet girl, and what a good job her breeder did in giving her a nice start with good manners (not that I expected otherwise). I stopped at the feed store on my way home from work to get a new fly mask for pony. Before I put it on her, I wanted to have a little leading lesson to see how good she would be. Well. I called her and she came right up to me. Great! Then I slipped the halter on and she stood quietly. Then I led her a couple steps and halted. She stopped with no pressure on the lead rope. Then I went a couple more steps and stopped again. Good. So then I backed up and released when she softened in her neck. Good again. Repeated that process just a couple more times and then introduced her to the new fly mask. Messed around with the velcro a few times to make, well, the velcro noise, and she was curious but not worried or scared. So I put it on, closed it up, took the halter off, and that was that!

I moved her across the driveway for dinner so I could clean her stall and paddock, let Mac and Paddy out of their paddocks (which I put them in so I could move her), and brought her some hay and pellets. She's a little nervous over there (we call that area the Bachelor Pad, but the horses call it the Indian Burial Ground because nobody wants to go in the run-in shed that's in there) so calls out every now and then. Mac will go over to the fenceline (which is across the driveway) and stand there as if to give her comfort, which I think is very sweet of him (even if I am anthropomorphizing). She's drinking and trotting around and eating hay, then trotting around and nibbling, then whinnying and looking at the shed, then walking toward the shed, then away, etc. I think she's trying to get up the nerve to check it out.

Oh, and she cleaned up her hay in her paddock! As of this morning she hadn't really eaten it, but by this afternoon it was all gone. Yay pony!

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