Thursday, May 14, 2015

Training opportunities abound!

Two new training opportunities presented themselves to us yesterday!

The neighbor got his cows & calves! When I met him over the phone he said that he gets cows in the spring to eat down his pastures. I don't know if he just takes them on for a friend or buys and sells, but no matter. We now have a herd of mama cows and 2-week-old calves at their sides. They are so cute! I was riding Mac in the indoor yesterday as they were moving from the back pasture to the front pasture and we just watched them go by. Princess Fancy Pants and Paddy were in their paddocks and had their eyes glued to the cows, but no running around like crazy horses or anything like that. My pastures, barn, and arena are easily within sight of where the cows graze, so this will be a great opportunity for PFP to get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the cows! Free training!

The same neighbor has some water coming from his property onto our property. I called him about it and it is a problem with the irrigation district that they need to fix. In the meantime, though, it has created some flooding into the back half of our property along the trails where I ride. Another great opportunity for introducing PFP to water and big puddles!

At first, she was like, "you want me to get my little princess feet wet in there?!"

But then she was like, "oh, grass!"

I would have gotten better pictures of her actually in the deeper water, but I didn't want to drop my phone.

So water training was easy-peasy and took all of a couple minutes and then we went splashing through it like it was nothing.

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