Thursday, March 24, 2016

Short free jumping video

I started out yesterday's session with just walking over a cavaletto on the ground, then trotting over it. Then I added another so there would be two cavaletti a couple trot strides apart. That was No Big Deal. So I took the second one away and rotated the first one up to the middle setting so it would be a bit off the ground. No Big Deal. So I put it up all the way and then asked Pony to go over it. And here's what we get:

Since I've done some clicker training with her, I don't need to set up any guiding rails so she won't run out - she just goes right over! But she does stop for a click/treat, as you see. Next step is to keep her going forward and then click/treat after she finishes a few strides. She's pretty smart and seems to know what I want her to do!

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