Sunday, April 10, 2016

Ten reasons why I love my pony

In no particular order....

1) She's smart
This pony learns so quickly, and she remembers her lessons well. She also seems to have the ability to mentally transfer work we've done on the ground to work we're doing under saddle. Just today on our trail ride (our second solo trail ride), we did some baby leg yields. She somehow put two and two together and easily did it with minimal aids.

2) She's forward
She's forward without being hot. She marches right along, she goes quickly and easily off the leg and/or a cluck, and she's keen to move out.

3) She's brave
She's the first horse I've started under saddle so maybe this is normal and I'm over-gushing about her, but she goes with me down the trails (off property) without company, and when we come across something on the trail (deer or birds flushing from the brush in front of her), she might have a little startle in place but she gets over it quickly and doesn't act scared.

4) She's a willing partner
Princess Fancy Pants works for me and tries to figure out what I want and how to do it. She puts her trust in me to not put her in a bad position (well, except for the tarp . . . we're still working on that).

5) She's friendly
PFP is a friend in a pony package. She'll come up to me in the pasture to see what's what, she'll follow me around in her paddock while I'm doing chores, and she has a cute nicker to greet me with.

6) She's cute
I don't think I need to explain that one, just look at her!

7) She's got a lot of potential
Maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like there's a lot in there that I'll have fun developing. Her gaits are elastic, she feels good underneath me, she likes to work, and she's smart (see #1).

8) She's hardy
She's a sturdy little pony, she has great feet, a strong back, a nice loin, pretty neck, lovely head . . . I guess I'm getting back to #6

9) She plays well with others
Pony gets along with the boys. She's a little too flirty sometimes, but she's not bitchy and everyone likes her.

10) She's the pony I always wanted! I grew up riding horses, not ponies. Honestly, I don't think I ever rode a pony until I got her! And she's mine, all mine, muahahahaaaaaaaa!

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  1. I could pretty much steal this whole list. So fun!!!