Tuesday, April 4, 2017

More ditch crossing

After Saturday's lesson I thought it would be nice to just have a nice and easy walk in the woods. That, and I want to do the ditch crossing as many times as I can before the water gets turned on.

So Sunday we went to the BLM and did the same loop we did last time. I was ready with cookies in my pocket. We walked down the main trail, got to the ditch crossing, and there was zero hesitation. Pony walked down into it, up the bank, and . . . stopped. She knew she'd done well and knew she deserved a cookie! So I obliged, gave her her cookie and we went on our way. We took the small loop back to the other ditch crossing and again she went right in and out and stopped. I gave her her cookie and we continued.

I had two cookies left in my pocket, so when we got to the first crossing area again, we went through, stopped for a cookie, and turned back and went through again to earn the last cookie.

I'm guessing we have one more week or so to do this and then the water gets turned on - then comes the real test!

I've already prepared to ride with my Dublin boots on (I don't know how to classify them . . . tall, but not tall boots; waterproof, but not rubber). I did a test ride in them and they fit in my stirrups just fine and are comfortable enough. If/when I need to get off to stand in the water, they'll do the job.

The power of the cookie compels her!

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