Friday, November 11, 2016

Fresh air!

Poor Pony has been stuck in her stall for almost two weeks now. Even though I clean her stall every day (four times a day), her feet are a mess because she pees so much, and pretty much all over her stall, and of course she poops and she is standing in there all day on stall rest. I take her out once or twice a day and tie her up to clean her stall and groom her and tend to her wound, but her legs are stocked up and her feet are in need of drying out!

Her wound is healing up well. I ended up getting a sleazy to put on her to cover it. I put the sleazy on, then put a maxi-pad over the wound, then I safety-pin the maxi pad to the sleazy so it stays in place. It helps a little bit with the drainage and to also have something soft over the wound. At first I just stuck the maxi-pad there but they kept falling out so I moved on to safety pins.

The vet has come out a couple times to clean it and re-do the stitches a bit. The top part of the stitches healed well and right away - it is just the bottom part (distal) that is taking longer to heal. It looks gross to me, but the vet said it is on track and looking good so I'll take her word for it!

I thought Pony would appreciate some fresh air for a change, so I tied her out with her hay bag for breakfast while I did my morning chores. You can see how beautiful she looks in her sleazy!

I worry about the stocking up in her legs and her getting fat (I pretty much keep hay in front of her all the time so she'll be occupied and won't lick at her wound), but first things first - the wound needs to heal. After that, then we'll start a rehab program and take it from there.

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  1. She so cute! It's interesting she pees so much...Emi does too!