Saturday, November 19, 2016

Out of jail!

The vet came on Wednesday to take Pony's stitches out and she got the okay for turnout - yay! I'm not turning her out with the other horses, but she does get to go in her own paddock. Since she and Paddy get along well, she can go out when Paddy is out of his paddock. At night, when Mac goes out, she goes back in her stall for lockdown (well, she can put her head out the dutch door).

Princess Fancy Pants has been very good for her turnout. For the first two days, I did it for breakfast only. She never got up to any hijinx (that I could see, anyway) and was very calm and well-behaved. Now she goes out all day and comes in for dinner and overnight.

When the stitches came out, the vet said it looked very good and that it is healing well. It looks gross to me still, but I'm not a vet so I take her word for it. I didn't get a picture of it today, but it looks so much better than just three days ago, so she's continually improving. Part of it just can't be stitched up, so the skin will have to fill in and grow together - this is how it looked on Wednesday.

PFP doesn't seem to be favoring that leg so that's good news. I did buy her another sleazy because the first one got bloody, even though I put a maxi pad over the wound. I think she was fussing with it a lot. For the new sleazy, I bought a roll of non-stick batting (I'm sure it has another name but it escapes me right now) and so I'm cutting a big square of batting and then safety-pinning it under the sleazy. When I took it off to change it this morning it was appropriately bloody and the sleazy was mostly clean, so I think this is a better solution.

I guess the best thing to come of this is that for all the doctoring I'm doing with her in the barn aisle, she's getting much better about standing quietly in the cross ties!

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