Saturday, September 27, 2014

Princess Fancy Pants video!

I had a great day with Princess Fancy Pants today! First I put her in the cross ties and groomed her and did her feet just a bit. I'm trying to work with them a few days a week so she'll be good for the farrier. Today was a good day. She likes the grooming attention and is very well-behaved in the cross ties.

Then we went out to the arena for a little play time. I almost never turn my horses out in the arena because they have pastures to run around in, but I thought it would be good for her to explore it on her own and check out any scary parts (the far long side diagonal from the corner closest to the house seems to be the scary place). She started by just eating the grass that grows on the other side of the kick boards. Then she went and pooped in the corner. Then she took off from a stand still and came galloping toward me and had a fun little runaround, which I got video of on my phone.

After that, I put her halter on, did a little leading exercise, and called it a day. Both Paddy and Mac called to her a couple times, but she didn't call back. She did stop and look over the fence in their direction, but was otherwise not a hollaback pony.

She's so friendly. When I go up to feed, and if I'm working in/around the barn while they are eating, she'll leave a pile of hay to come see what I'm doing. Curious little PFP!

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