Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Princess Fancy Pants video - surcingle

Here's a video of Princess Fancy Pants (PFP) working in the surcingle.

We mostly just walked around and walked over some ground poles, nothing too exciting.

Today we worked on looping the free end of the lead rope through the loop on the rope halter (so like I had reins) and walking around the arena once in each direction with some halt transitions. She was very good!

Her quarter runs out pretty fast, though, so I need to remember to quit while I'm ahead. I get all eager to try something else because she learns so fast and does so well and then she just needs a time out. Next time I'll only do one or two things instead of trying three or four. Ending on a good note is important, so even if it isn't a better note than her best thing, it is better than the worst thing, if that makes sense. And she always gets her grazing reward after!

Some good news is that I took Mac for trail rides this weekend and Colin stayed home and reported in that she did just fine while I was gone - no hissy fits because her boyfriend left. And today when I took her in the arena, the other horses didn't call for her, either!

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