Monday, September 15, 2014

The latest

Let's see, what's going on with Princess Fancy Pants?

She's self-loaded onto the trailer twice now! Those were the second and third times I've worked on trailer loading with her. Maybe next time we'll go for a short spin.

She's had baths a couple days this week since it has been so hot. She's not a huge fan of baths, but she's getting better. Fly spraying is getting better, too.

She's getting better about having her ears touched.

I've taken Mac out and left her and Paddy in separate pastures and while she called a little bit at first, she settled down. I was using Paddy as a babysitter and she does well when they're together, so I thought it time to change it up a bit and see if she can put her big girl panties on and she did a fine job.

She's got runny eyes so I think I'll drive her over to the vet's so he can check her out - her first adventure away from home!

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