Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The honeymoon is over

At least for now . . . with the boys, that is! Princess Fancy Pants (that's what Colin is calling her!) and Paddy go out in adjoining pastures for breakfast, Paddy goes back up to the barn area with Mac for lunch, then Paddy goes in his stall/paddock and PFP goes up to the barn dry lot area for dinner, and Mac goes into one of the pastures. Got it?

Last night I noticed that PFP was kind of bugging Paddy when he was trying to eat and he said "um, no" and gave her a mild ear-pinning and get-away-from-me tail swish. Anything that gets between Paddy and his food won't make him happy - he's a pig! So I think the honeymoon is over for now - he's not so enamored and fascinated by the new girl in town and maybe now she's like a little sister whom you can hang out with and sometimes be annoyed by but you mostly get along okay. There's no drama, no tail flagging, no prancing around, just comfortable co-existing friendship, which is just fine by me!

Mac still hasn't met her over the fence yet, and he does spend some time looking at her, but not as intently as before. Maybe the novelty has worn off?

Annndddd . . . Princess Fancy Pants let me fly spray her today! The first day she was like, "hell no!" and so the next day I stood outside her stall with a spray bottle filled with water and sprayed it until she walked up to the stall window then I stopped. I did that a few times over the next couple days. Then after that I took the fly spray and the wiping mitten I got and I stood next to her and sprayed the mitten and wiped her down. She didn't seem bothered by the spraying near her, which was great. Today I did that same thing again and since she didn't seem bothered, I went ahead and sprayed her directly after I had already wiped her down with the spray. And whaddya know? She just stood there and didn't care!

She's such a great pony! Did I mention that already? ;-)

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