Friday, August 29, 2014

Princess Fancy Pants - video of saddle pad work

Here's a video of Princess Fancy Pants (PFP) and I playing with a saddle pad. A couple of things to note. She doesn't like her ears being touched, so I took out of the equation me touching her ears directly. What I did do, though, was put the saddle pad on her head and neck and let it slide off her. I also put it on her back and let it slide back to her butt and then walked her around and let it fall off. I did this for a couple reasons - one, I wanted to see what her reaction would be; and two, I wanted her to get used to having "stuff" all over her body. I don't want her to think "only things on my back are okay" and instead I want her to accept whatever might come on her body (tarp, blanket, jacket, tree branch that she'll go through some day when we trail ride, etc.). She did find this a little bothersome at one point. Of course, when the saddle pad landed on the ground she wanted to go pick it up with her mouth. :-p

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