Saturday, March 28, 2015

We moved!

I haven't updated in a long while because I am superstitious and didn't want to jinx anything . . . and then it happened. We moved! And then again I haven't updated because, well, we moved and moving is a pain in the ass and I haven't had a lot of time.

Anyway, we moved to another state and left so much of what we love behind. We loved our neighborhood, our neighbors, our property, our friends, our volunteering, our community activities. But we took the opportunity to move to where my family is to watch my niece grow up and see more of my parents.

The great news about it is we got a bigger farm! We went from 5 acres to 20 acres. Oh, and a covered arena and an awesome barn and irrigated pastures and little trails on the property and across the street. The horses are so happy here!

I could type about all the stuff we've been through to get here and since we've been here, but I'll just post some little videos of Princess Fancy Pants and then try from here on out to update more regularly.

Here she is in her new pasture (just one of them!).

And here she is in the indoor arena trying to figure out who the beauty in the mirror is.

She's been so good so far. She's great when I take her for walks away from the boys in the barn. The property has little trails dragged throughout so it is a nice place go for a walk and check stuff out. We've done a little bit in the covered arena, and I've taken her out with me and worked on patience in standing still while I pull weeds in the outdoor arena.

The horses all go out together in the pasture and are quite happy to have room to move around and grass to eat. Everyone gets along great, but Paddy screams when I take anyone away.

I'm trying to turn one of our house cats into a barn cat (not too much of a stretch because he was feral when we got him) and so far he's happy living in the tack room - much happier than he was living in the house with the other cats who picked on him and the dogs who scared him.

I'm sort of at a stopping place unpacking-wise as we wait for our new floors to be installed, so now I'll have more time to play with the ponies!