Saturday, September 2, 2017

Shocking . . . cows!

It has been so dry here - of course, we live in the desert - that the time has come that I start shocking the horses while grooming them. I don't know why it seems to happen when fall weather seems just around the corner. Maybe it is because the horses are shedding their summer coats and their winter coats are starting to come in? Poor Pony, I was grooming her yesterday before riding and when I was brushing her face (her favorite thing), she pulled her head back and got bug-eyed for a moment. She is so sensitive - at first I couldn't figure out why she did that, but when I brushed her a little more that I felt the shocks. Gah!

This morning when I groomed her before riding, I had a brush in one hand and a spray bottle of water in the other hand to keep the static down and that seemed to do the trick.

Our neighbor has cows again this year, and Pony seems enthralled with them! Every ride I go out on the path/trails for a nice long walk warm-up and Pony drags me over to the fence to visit the cows. One morning there were a bunch of yearlings there that she so desperately wanted to move, so we did our best with them right on the other side of the fence, but it isn't the same as actually getting up close and separating them or moving them along. Oh well, it had to do.

The other day I snapped this picture of a young mom and her calf who were staring at us from their pasture.

The saddle fitter I was hoping to have out couldn't make it to our appointment and has to travel to see family, so I'm looking at another person who is local. I'm just trying to work through some hip stuff and then I'll have her out to work on Mac's saddle and see what she's got for Pony.

Not much exciting is happening here. We're working on plans to put up some new fencing to open up the entire back area to the horses, so that would be about 7 acres or so of native grasses and trees, no irrigated pasture. I think it will be great for them to have more room to move around and explore and keep themselves busy during the day!