Sunday, July 9, 2017

Summer fun

DH had a knee replacement back in November and has been working really hard on rehab and getting back into shape. Yesterday he rode in a 50-mile bike ride and so I think that maybe he's fit enough to give riding a go again. The weather has been very warm and I've been riding both horses in the morning but thought it would be fun if DH rode with me today. So we saddled up Pony and Mac and went on our little trails out back together. It was so fun to be out there with both of us. DH is a good fit for Mac, and he needs the work to keep his weight down (Mac, that is), so maybe DH will ride Mac on his own once or twice a week if I'm lucky.

Meantime, I've decided to take Pony and Mac off of pasture altogether. Even with early morning grazing (when sugar is lowest) for just a couple hours and with a grazing muzzle on, Mac's crest gets hard, his sheath gets swollen, and it just makes me worry for him. They both now go out on the dry lot all day with hay in hay nets; I've also found them a really low-sugar hay that I just got delivered so that will be good. I'll transition Mac more quickly than Pony, as he needs it more urgently.

Everyone is getting along fine without Paddy here and things are actually quieter now that there are just two versus three.

Not much exciting stuff is happening. I've got a saddle fitter coming out in a couple weeks to have a look at my dressage saddle and my jumping saddle and maybe give me ideas of if there is something better for both of us - narrower twist for me and whatever might be better for Pony.