Monday, December 15, 2014

That's NOT what I expected!

Winter is here - yuck! I hate the rain and the mud and the cold and all of it. I know we're in a drought, but I still don't like the rain. Hmpf!

Despite the bad weather, Princess Fancy Pants has been a lovely pony. She has finally figured out that she can pee and poop in her stall, although it is a last choice hold out and she'd prefer to poop in the far corner of her paddock. The other night I added some fresh shavings to her stall and the next morning when I came in to feed breakfast, she was having a little shut-eye, despite the pouring rain. It was pretty cute!

We've been working on "let me touch your ears" which is a game she doesn't enjoy . . . UNLESS there are cookies to be had. Then the game isn't so bad. She's finally decided that she likes not only carrots, but apples and cookies, too.

Because of the weather I've been having to change my turnout rotations. PFP and Mac get along fine over the fence now - there is minimal drama on his part and I dare say that he might be getting sick of her flirtations. She will run up and down along the fenceline that separates them, while he stands there and looks bored. She is meanwhile squirting and swishing her tail so that he knows what's what. And he doesn't seem to be overly interested. So I'm happy about that.

Yesterday I brought my phone up with me and had some cookies in my pocket. Paddy came right up and PFP followed him. He got a cookie, she got a cookie. He got a cookie, she got a cookie, then he shoo-ed her away. And then she realized . . . that wasn't the cookie she was expecting!

Today with the rain and wind she was very good in letting me groom her - untied in her stall - including picking her feet! :-)

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