Saturday, September 3, 2016

All the Fun Was Had!

Giddy about my two little jumping efforts on the pony, I decided I was ready for a lesson. My hip pain has reduced for the most part (although I do still suffer a little lower back pain after a ride depending on what I do) such that I can spend a lesson's-worth of time in the saddle. I got in touch with the person who helped me last year by teaching me to long-line, as I know she does h/j and I know her students really enjoy riding with her. This afternoon was our first lesson.

I had all the fun that there was to have!

Pony was perfect. Just perfect. The "green moments" that she had were no big deal and consisted of looking sideways at something outside of the arena and drifting right a couple times. A few times that I was trying to get the left lead we got the right lead and so trainer gave me a helpful hint and that seemed to sort out the issue. This trainer is good at picking apart my position, which is actually something I love, and giving me the right reminders at the right time of things to fix.

The lesson was perfectly progressive. A little work on the flat, incorporating poles, "jumping" a pile of poles, doing a little four-obstacle course that was like two big figure eights, doing a cross rail and then graduating to having the little course be four cross rails. It was just perfect, and I was so proud of my Princess Fancy Pants!

I haven't had a jumping lesson in years and this was So Much Fun!!!!! Pony didn't hesitate at any jumps, no jumps scared her, she just went happily over them and I think we both had a blast!

Maybe she'll be a little jumper pony! ;-) My goal will be to do some schooling shows next year - so yay, I have something to work toward!

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