Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cute little video

Here's pony tonight at dinnertime. I had just moved her into this little mini-pasture area and there were some deer behind the tree that caught her attention. She was very curious about them and would stop and look and then run around a bit and then have a nibble and run around a little more.

Colin came out with me today at lunch time and gave her a little grooming while I was working in the barn. She seems to like the attention and is curious about everything. Since I noticed her watching the other horses for their reactions to things, I thought I'd stand the horses in front of her (on the other side of the fence) and fly spray them in the mornings so she can see - can't hurt!

She seems to have her full appetite back - the first couple days she'd kind of pick at her hay and I think she lost some weight since we picked her up. Now she gobbles it right up and enjoys her twice-a-day buckets as well. The drama seems to be lessened, too - there's less calling from the boys and little pretty princess - and she seems to be settling into the routine of feeding times and moving the horses around the pastures.

I think this weekend I'll put Paddy in the pasture next to her so they can meet over the fence. He's the easiest to get along with and is the least likely to cause trouble so fingers crossed!

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