Saturday, July 19, 2014

My new pony!

Meet my new pony, Annwylid D'Lite. Dee Dee (nickname to be changed if another one comes after I meet her in person) is a 2012 registered 1/2 Welsh Cob filly by Pro A Resolute (Welsh Cob) out of Carriad Cosmopolitan (1/2 Cob x 1/2 Morgan - Dee Dee is actually 3/4 Cob).

Wait, back up. You may have paused for a moment when I wrote "meet her in person." That is correct. I have not met her in person yet. I have been a fan of her sire for a few years and when I was looking for a young horse to bring along, I found that her breeder (owner of the sire and dam) was selling her two fillies, and Dee Dee caught my eye right away. After looking at lots of pictures and videos and having a long chat with the breeder, I decided to be bold and take a risk and buy her without actually meeting her!

She had a PPE (pre-purchase examination by a vet) on Friday, and when the vet called to tell me the results, she started in a serious voice with "I have to tell you . . . " which right away made me think she found something wrong. But she finished the sentence with ". . . that both my vet tech and I love and want to take her for ourselves!" Hey! No fair teasing me!

I promptly wired the money over, contacted a shipper, and now I wait. Patiently? Well, wait anyway. Hopefully she'll be here next weekend.

She knows how to longe, she's had a bridle and saddle on, she's been in the trailer, had her feet done, and has been handled a lot. What a great start! Now I get to continue the fun stuff of bringing her along the way I want. I have lots of wonderful trainers at my disposal when I need help, and one of them even said that I would LOVE the breed (my first Cob, she's worked with a lot of them) as they have great temperaments and are athletic little horses.

Here are some cute pictures of her that I got from the breeder.

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