Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The saddle search

I'm on the search for a new (used) dressage saddle, since I've definitively decided that my current dressage saddle contributes to my hip pain.

I went to the two local tack stores that I know consign used saddles - both to check how much % they take when they sell you saddle, and also to see what they had available.

There was a decent selection of high quality saddles at one of the shops so I got to sit in a Bates, Albion, Neidersuss, Passier, Stubben, County, Schleese, and Prestige (I think that one was actually my old saddle that I sold last year!). For the top contenders, I just sat in them. For a really long time. Just sat there reading on my phone. I wanted to see how it felt if when my butt was in the saddle for a while, because sometimes it will feel okay on my hips at first, but then they start to ache. I put back the Bates and the Albion after sitting in them for 15-20 minutes, and then put the County on the stand and sat in it. Heaven! So I took it home.

I gave it a test ride and loved it for me. I could use my leg properly, sit in the right spot, and it didn't bother my hip at all. Unfortunately it is too narrow for Pony. That, and the tree head is asymmetrical and the right side was steeper than the left side. Bummer. But at least I know what I like so I can look for it in a wider tree size!

Two of my friends have saddles for me to try. One is a County (same model as I liked!) and the other is a Schleese. We'll see if either of them work out.

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