Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Mounted water crossing!

We did it!

Yesterday we went for a trail ride and crossed the water while mounted! I did have a long lead with me just in case, but I decided to make it easier on the pony by only doing the flatter, wider, shallower crossing - that way she wouldn't have to stress about jumping the ditch.

We walked down to the ditch and the first time she stepped in and jumped out. And the second time, going back to the trail, she did the same thing. Then the third time she stepped in more and took a couple steps and jumped out. And the last time she stepped in, stopped and put her head down to check out the water and eat some grass. I gave her a cookie while she was standing in the water. Then she calmly walked out. YES!!!! Of course I gave her a cookie each time she crossed, but after the last time which was calm and quiet, I quit on that and continued the ride on the "home" side of the ditch.

We crossed over some cow trails to get to another ditch (this section has two parallel ditches) and then we had a nice canter up that ditch to head toward home. Such a nice ride. Such a great pony!!!!

Pony has taught me a lot about not getting greedy, not pushing too fast, and being patient and finding a way to break things down for the best outcome. <3 my pony!

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